James Gurney explains warm and cool gamut mapping

By: Brian Anderson - May, 6th, 2013

" I thought that this was helpful, so much of , "color theory", is just bunk. Good to see a practical method of explanation." - Bruce Wulff"

Just last night I was problem solving a painting of a flamenco dancer and thinking of color palettes. I used an iPad application called iro. Unfortunately, it has less control of how wide or narrow you can pull your triads. I have used several digital tools in the past and they are truly helpful in understanding.

A screenshot of Iro color application (above)

James Gurney however has posted a video explaining Gamut Mapping with the simple use of a paper color wheel, a triangle template and a pair of scissors. There is nothing like keeping it simple and engaging!

"Gamut Mapping" sounds like a very technical subject, but James Gurney the well known illustrator of Dinotopia explains the subject in a very useful and even quite interesting way in the video above.

Thanks to Bruce Wulff for this James Gurney video link.

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