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The Painted City - Meeting #1 Notes

(May, 13th, 2013)

Yesterday (Saturday) we had the first meeting on the topic of the Book of art about Saint Louis called "The Painted City".

Attending the meeting were Dawn Balk, Bud Pondrum, Debra Ruckman and Brian Anderson.

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The Painted City: A book to be published in 2014

(April, 10th, 2013)

This is a project that will run for a year. We will meet once a month. In this session those who are interested will submit for discussion and possible inclusion of their work relating to this project. The goal of the project is to document this city in paintings. Instead of focusing only on common landmarks, we will discuss what is important to us as people who live in the city of Saint Louis, whether that is north, south, east or west. We will represent in painted pictures those people, places and things that speak to us.

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