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Elaine Goble Swanger - Expressions: Suspended on Water

(May, 23rd, 2013)

Water, unlike any other medium, flows - sometimes controlled, and then at times beyond control - over all manner of things in sensual fashion; wetting the lips of one subject, catching a gleam in the eye of another; running and dribbling freely as it goes. As she moves her brushes through her paintings, Elaine's sense of balance allows for them to neither control too much nor sit idly by uninvolved.

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The Drawings of Bruce Wulff

(May, 13th, 2013)

Bruce Wulff is to me always thoughtful and unassuming. He has also been a good friend. His drawings come without the need of too much explanation. Like life, they are exactly what they are: complexity hidden within apparent simplicity...

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Henryk Ptasiewicz: Painting a Polychroma

(May, 1st, 2013)

Divine Miss B

My style is realistic, it came about because of the influence of the Surrealists. If you can paint the real world, then you have a chance to illustrate another one. I liked to paint things which only existed in my mind. I was an only child with a lot of imagination and was always building things, some just to look at. I made some really fun, elaborately structured, Italian styled aeroplanes, but never flew...

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Brian Anderson: Soulard Watercolors

(March, 13th, 2013)

A showing of some of the watercolor works of Brian Anderson depicting scenes of the Soulard Market.

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