Brian Anderson: Soulard Watercolors

By: Brian Anderson - March, 13th, 2013

Soulard Market Fruit Vendors

Soulard Market

One of the subjects that is of interest is local scenes with many people bustling around and creating a sort of crowd dance of daily life. The Soulard Market is one such location that is full of a vital energy on the weekends.

Soulard Market - Since 1779

Soulard Market

From even odd little angles there is always something interesting to capture at the market. I also like the simplicity of the watercolor for capturing these little scenes.

Soulard Market - Morning Setup

Soulard Market

One inspiration was a photographer named Jim Stebbings who took pictures of the market for quite a few years. I met him only briefly, but I also wanted to capture some of what the market is over time and little common scenes of setting up and taking down are interesting as a document of what goes on behind the scenes of a very old market.

Soulard Market - Musicians

Soulard Market

At each of the four corners of the market you can find at times musicians playing guitars, the saxophone, violins, jazz clarinet and many other instruments.

Soulard Market - Flower Seller

Soulard Market

A variety of fresh flowers can be found usually in the southeast indoor wing of the market.

Soulard Market - Courtyard Benches

Soulard Market

It is even fun to capture the fleeting essence of what is going on in the front courtyard of the market. The scene is ever changing.

Across the street from the Soulard Market

Soulard Market

A Lutheran church can be seen in the distance across the street from the Soulard Market.

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