What to Expect/Bring


We try to make opportunities available to learn someting new, or pick up the basics. There are a huge variety of ways to make art and we have a few good experts we like to hear from. Take a look at what is happening and see for yourself.

Music, Poetry and Performances

We like to mix with other creative types and listen to great local artists, poets, and performers. There is nothing like supporting local live performance artists and musicians. Sometimes we even pull out a sketchbook to draw, or even collaborate.

What to Bring

Our venues vary a bit. If this is your first time, then bring something portable that you can bring in a handbag and paper in a pad that you can carry easily. The size of our venues, seating, tables and easels may vary. Once you have shown up a time or two, then you can bring paints, and more elaborate tools as the environment provides. Talk to other artists and see what they might be using. Then you can judge what wil fit in the shared workspace.

We Are About People

When you meet up wit us online or off, it is a great opportunity to just meet other creative and productive people. Our group offers an environment for artists of all levels to converge and find their way creatively. We have a wide range of artists, print-makers, painters, models, performers, poets and musicians. We are friendly. Please show up, ask questions, enjoy a spirited conversation and make some art. Everyone will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and share techniques, tips, etc.